How to modernize Canadian government? Re-defining left & right wing ideologies with vote & donation.

How to modernize Canadian government_ Ashton_s Perceptions

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Ashton Deroy Writes: In Canada we are in a psychotic cycle that must be broken by the Millennial & Generation Z  population segments as they become voters of age. Coming to voting age refers to generation Z. The purpose of this article is to re-envision Canada’s political spectrum. The spectrum showed is not exactly our grandparents government. 

Canadian government despite being a constitutional democracy has a government with a weird timeline & a psychotic trend. In 2018 we need to start talking about a possible way to break a cycle as old as the 18th century. To allow Canada to form a newer style of government with newer values that don’t reflect classically outdated ideologies for a country that is ready to step ahead by 100 steps from where it is currently. 


Trends of “Pre-Historic” Canada. 

50% of our recent history we have been dominated by Liberal & Conservative alternating governments. What the heck is wrong with us? A 2 party government in no way works. Ask the Republic of United States. The 2 party government we run does not work in successfully providing political identities to a wide spectrum of people. You must provide a modern system of a political spectrum in order to eliminate an unsustainable system ideal for maintaining the social contracts of democrasy. 

What happens with this electoral style of government consistently? You continue to repeat old ideas that did not work & you don’t risk training a party that has a more modern mission statement. How is a younger ideology supposed to govern in a country dominated by outdated ideologies?  

The History of “Pre-Historic” politics

Judge the party by when it was founded: 

  1. NDP Party – August 3, 1961 – Inexperienced but capable for taking over left wing ideological values for Canada. 
  2. Libertarian Party of Canada– July 7, 1973 – Inexperienced but capable for taking over left wing ideological values for Canada. 
  3. Liberal Party of Canada- July 1, 1867 – Consistently responsible for too much debt leverage for poor stimulation of the economy. 
  4. The Green Party of Canada – 1983 – The party that actually deals with the global issue of  climate change & economic sustainability. An issue heavily published on by the scientific community. 

The problem with  Conservatives of Canada: 


Conservatives in Canada.png
This is why even the modernized Conservative Party of Canada should NEVER govern. It is way too old in their values that still reflect 18th century values. Remember Conservative ideology is guilty for prejudice, fascism & religious prosecution. Shame on you for voting Conservative anytime in this decade. Get some common sense! This party values government ambiguity, over security & Catholic religious conformity. 


Stop supporting/voting for parties with 18th century values! 


3 reasons to not vote an 18th century party

  • It over preserves terrible tradition – Millenials are ready to re-define equality in Canadian culture. Our governance style does not currently reflect that. 
  • It oppresses younger people – Liberals have done okay by the younger generations. However it does not fully represent the take over that should be happening for younger working class in Canada. 
  • Stupidity of Canadian Government spending – Debt reduction , & reassembling debt. What the heck is going on here? Why does debt reduction have to come with prejudice? The truth is Conservatives sleep on the change purse to secure it & Liberals keep going to the Global Money mart in a relentless pursuit to devalue our currency. 

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Maxime Bernier just launched the People’s Party of Canada which has a worthy message to get behind. This new movement could completely modernize the right wing in 2018. 

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