Rebelling With The Deroys

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I knew as soon as I met Ashton Deroy that he was weird in a good way just like myself. It did not surprise me at all that his family was the same. In this entry I will discuss my interactions with him and his brother Kyle as well as the Deroy family culture. I find it very fascinating and I hope you will too.

              Recently Ashton has become very involved with social activism. It was inspired in part by my vocal support for the cruelty-free movement. This means I no longer purchase any cosmetics that are tested on animals. Ashton has started campaigning for Liberal causes, even volunteering for MPP candidate Shelley Carroll back in June. He is also raising awareness about helping the environment. On Instagram, he has showcased the appalling amount of waste in his town. He also shared potential solutions like fast food chains improving waste management and compostable coffee cups.

           About five years ago, I spent two nights with Ashton and Kyle. We had many intriguing conversations about our interests and creative ideas. Kyle did a great job of doing my nails and cooking our meals. I helped Ashton figure out his style while shopping for clothes. Even after I went home, we were constantly in contact. They loved hearing about my Jewish culture while I learned a lot about small-town life. We also discussed LGBT rights, since that is something we are all passionate about.

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            As I got to know Ashton and Kyle more, I only became prouder of them. They lived in a small town and overcame a lot of hard times. However, they took whatever opportunities came their way. Kyle recently became a nurse. Ashton took advertising courses at several colleges. He started a digital marketing company with me two years ago. In addition to advertising, we also write articles on topics important to us.  These two stoner rebels definitely break the lazy and boring stereotype.

          It turns out that Ashton and Kyle are not the only creative ones in the family. Recently I saw some beautiful artwork that was acquired by their grandfather. It showcased three generations of Deroy artistry & art appreciation. A rebellious spirit is also something that runs in the Deroy family. Their great-grandfather on their paternal parent’s maternal side Neil and his brother Alexander lied about their age so they could serve their country. 

          Ashton Deroy has a very rich and exciting family history. He has advocated for social and environmental causes. I have had many great conversations with him and his brother Kyle. They have worked hard to get to where they are even through difficult circumstances. Creativity, rebellion, and bravery run in their family, as evidenced by grandparents and great-grandparents. I am proud to be close friends with Ashton and would love to learn more about his incredible family.

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