Ashton Deroy Quinte West food critic

Ashton deroy Swan Whispers Public Relations food critic


Ashton Deroy hits restaurants hard. Ashton Deroy is a google guide, on the way to food handling certified & a hard hitting food critic!

“I am on the way to making a massive name for myself in the Quinte West dining & tourism scene. By the time the next tourism season, my name will be very well known in Quinte West dining. Whether you you are a grocery store, a local business or a mainstream dining chain. Expect me to come & do a review.” 

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Other announcement: Diana Skye will be taking over some of the general news for Canada. Diana Skye runs the operation from her home base in Toronto Ontario. She keeps up to date on all the mainstream information in Regulatory, consumer & political news. She also is a well known advocate for Cruelty free products. 

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Click here to link to the inappropriate Anti-Abortion sign in Quinte West. 
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