Women and Cannabis: Who Should You Smoke With?

Introduction: Hey guys, this is Ashton Deroy. You know what? It is not nice to say but Cannabis is not as safe as the pro-cannabis community might suggest. It is still a great alternative to alcohol & narcotics but it has a downside as well. I have always felt that you should never smoke cannabis with a friend or relative you don’t want to closely bond with because chances are you will participate in a practice during the high called oversharing

Women & Cannabis

Besides the over sharing private people who sell drugs are still known for selling other drugs. Just check out this article from Star Online May 16th written by Clifford Lo. Where the seize a ton of date rape drugs & marijuana from a male model. Where is the potential? Chemical contamination of ecstasy in marijuana could greatly disable a woman he is within a case where he could take advantage of them. Of course, it is speculation but it heads the warning that you must take Diana’s article very seriously. 

The other part I want to share my first experience with weed was edible. I am autistic and I think I had my first edible as a teen. Edibles look like treats… If you like treats they are something that can be awfully tempting! I don’t regret a thing but I still encourage people to keep edibles away from kids & non-consenting disabled persons. 

Diana Skye Writes: 

      On October 17 2018, marijuana became legal across Canada. With increased accessibility, some people have considered trying it for the first time. During this happy time, we should not throw caution to the wind. While cannabis has many benefits, it is still a psychoactive substance. Nobody can predict exactly how they will react after their first joint. There are also many variations of cannabis, which can cause different reactions. This is why it is important to be safe, both when using and purchasing. Women should especially be cautious so they are not taken advantage of.

Stoned Bender

        There is a lot of confusion about where you can obtain legal cannabis. It varies by province. Ontario had a decent plan involving the Ontario Cannabis Store. (OCS) It would have been similar to the LCBO for alcohol, with both physical locations and online sales. Unfortunately, it was yet another thing the new government made a mess of. They decided that the OCS will only sell online for the time being. Coincidentally, Canada Post is about to go on strike, leaving online buyers concerned their weed won’t be delivered. The new government will allow physical sales in six months and stated that individual businesses will be able to apply. So far there have been no details about the vetting process.

         Despite being illegal, many dispensaries continue to operate. Longtime users find them safer than random dealers in grow houses. The latter tend to be in bad neighborhoods and run by shady people. They may be involved in other crimes, including the distribution of more dangerous drugs. While seemingly legitimate dispensaries are less likely to have these issues, they can still occur. If you want to purchase from a physical location in Ontario, do some research on locations near you. Avoid buying marijuana alone. If you are close with an experienced user, ask them for advice.

           You should also be mindful of your safety the first time you get high. It should not be on a first date or with a new acquaintance. They might appear to have good intentions, but it can be a facade. Unfortunately, women have been sexually assaulted in these situations. Smoking at a wild party with strangers is an especially bad idea. In addition to the above reasons, you cannot be certain about the weed provided. It can be poor quality or laced with something. For new users, I would recommend being at home with trusted friends or family members. Not only will you be safer, but they can support you if something goes wrong.

Ashton’s Safe people to smoke with list:  

  • Safe family members who have never made you fear for your safety.
  • Friends who are like close siblings who you trust with your life 
  • A significant other with no history of aggressive behaviors. 

           Diana’s conclusion: Marijuana can be great, but inexperienced users should be careful. Be mindful of how you obtain your cannabis. Do your research before buying. The first time you get high should be with people you trust. If you don’t know somebody well, don’t smoke with them. Your first cannabis experience can be unpredictable, but you should not be concerned about your safety.

Ashton Deroy’s conclusion: Marijuana has been used for me as a tool to speak out about my traumas. It is transforming me from a person who wanted to kill themselves, to a person who is on the way to getting better. I wouldn’t be getting there without the mental health help paired with the marijuana. Do you struggle with mental health issues? Ask someone about using marijuana as an aide to get mental help. I feel it can help you get so much better.