Get err done, set up Marijuana sales now in Belleville Ontario! Paul Bell practical, dull & a cardboard cut-out Conservative.

Marijuana prohibition has died & with it so has any reason for municipal regulation or slow-moving setup regulations. In other words “Get Errrr done!”  However, a Councillor Paul Bell has decided to speak up against rushing to sell marijuana in Belleville Ontario. Despite this being a proven economic multiplier & necessary for the safe consumption of marijuana by our community.


Guns first

Ashton Deroy giving Paul Bell Non-Politically correct politics.

Ashton Deroy’s opening confrontation, ” Paul Bell You have made an enemy of the young voting community of Belleville Ontario. How dare you speak up against our work? We now have to deal with you on the web & it is not something I wanted to do today. Unfortunately, people like you are leaving us with no option.”

Paul Bell “Deal” with me? Deal with the facts. Consider what I am saying, not what you want to think that I am saying and then “deal” with me all you like. I don’t want people working in a pot store in Belleville to be at risk of being shot. You have an issue with that?
Ashton Deroy Paul Bell deal with the gun owner not the pot store.
Ashton Deroy I think that is a cliche.
Ashton Deroy Dumbass
Paul Bell Ashton Deroy You have an answer for organized crime? I’m all ears. (Interpreted as condescending me like I don’t have ideas) 
Ashton Deroy Okay put yourself in the low income neighborhoods for a second you idiot. Avondale & Tripp Ave are great places to start. (I survived organized crime you privileged moron)
Ashton Deroy Also call centers & factories FYI are where the harmful drug dealers are making their contacts. (Met an arms dealer & a pot dealer at Convergys in 2015) 
Ashton Deroy Also go to clinics you will see doctors writing prescriptions with way too much freedom. For example, doctors writing prescriptions for dependence forming narcotics to people with mental disorders such as autism. (Our town has an opioid crisis) 
Paul Bell Ashton Deroy I don’t oppose anything you presume that I oppose. You are bonkers. Off my page. Blocked.

Paul dealt with.png

Idiots refer to members of organized crime.

Ashton Deroy: “Yep, I went nuts on a rich guy telling me what to do. However if Paul Bell can’t handle a queer autistic ghetto person getting a little uppity. I don’t think he can handle Belleville. Paul does not respect poor people who struggle & want safe marijuana sales. Despite what he may claim you can see he is a politician playing a rich man’s game of making his name off of slowing marijuana legalization and preserving prohibition.


Paul Bell 
“Anti crime.” jk 😉 
“Making an issue out of marijuana” 
Vote Tyler Allsop , Young entrepreneur 
“Representing the young voter.”