Ashton Deroy in Quinte West. This really happened.


“If my life was a TV show. It would have been canceled for being too edgey!”

Hey guys, so you came here to learn about Ashton Deroy in Quinte West. Well, that is excellent because Ashton Deroy is a super fantastic human being. Let me teach you about this online-diety Below are some fact you might need to know before considering a working relationship with this noteworthy human being.

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Paul Bell City Council ad

Ashton Deroy struggles with traditionalists. 

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The below message is an apology. 

To: Paul Bell 

From: Ashton Deroy

Subject: I am sorry

Paul Bell I am truly sorry. I am sorry for twisting your words & telling everyone you made an issue of marijuana. I am sorry I called you a dumbass, I know that hurt your good boy feelings. I am sorry you got only 1096 votes according to Inquinte proving you, in fact, are the political equivalent to a participation trophy & sorry that my post link proves you don’t understand modern approaches to crime.

Lastly, I am also sorry you went on record calling an autistic voter “bonkers” & I went on record saying you Paul Bell are a classist bigot. Your campaign was fantastic! I mean your campaign was full of pointless sound bytes & lies. That last sentence is all society wants from their politicians anyways. Look at Doug Ford. You are not accessible. You are just pandering for status! 


Ashton Deroy 



Ashton Deroy is studying hospitality & tourism in Trenton Ontario

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Yes it is true, 2 months off of eviction & 5 months off of a suicide attempt. Ashton Deroy is back to learning at Career Edge to help meet the labor demands for tourism workers. Will Ashton Deroy get a job? probably not really. Everyone Googles you now, Ashton Deroy likes to have fun on a blog they manage. So do a lot of other #Millenials but you know. It does not exactly suit the fascist uniform of employment in Ontario.

“Everyone Googles you now, so you must keep professional on your social media.” How about I respond by smoking some legal marijuana, having a few drinks & telling you this is the reality? Practice some boundaries. You come to this blog you have arrived on an art page. That means we focus on entertainment, the truth & satire. You have come to a place of class & intellectual fun. Also, it is true, being your business self 24/7 would nearly kill anyone!

He can be business Ashton 8 hours a day & 5 days a week. The rest of the time he wants to be out enjoying my life with an aboriginal boyfriend & an ounce of weed. As an employer, you might not like it. As an employer, you have to respect it! This is ridiculous how much opinion employers get to have on who they hire. 

What makes Ashton Deroy better to hire right now? 

Ashton Deroy stopped pretending to be someone they were not 24/7. They want to keep their culture & that makes them happier & a bigger asset to your team. They are also specialized employment & that deserves respect. The truth is if Canada can’t reward intellect like Ashton Deroy’s then it deserves to go broke on dumb fascism and an unready workforce. We got here by being stupid Canada & not hiring the right people. Do you want to make things better? Stop hiring the wrong people & hire Ashton Deroy. 


Ashton Deroy 

Personable, efficient & a highly skilled service professional 

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