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Ashton Deroy: At Career Edge in Trenton Ontario we talk about the Star technique. This is a technique to format various achievements in difficult work scenarios. If you landed on this website you are either A.) an employer. You could also be B.) Out to knock my ego down a few notches. To that pessimistic variable I reply, smarter people have tried. 

The purpose of this article is Ashton Deroy is currently seeking employment 5 days straight with two days off. be sure to check out Ashton Deroy’s resume Below: 

ashton deroys admin resume

These are my S.T.A.R. Situations & believe it or not. Weather it was a cause I was passionate about, a good sales day in Telemarketing or my first web design client. these are things I am actually proud of because this stuff actually matters. This is not a High School Participation trophy. this was stuff i worked quite hard for. 

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Ashton Deroy S.T.A.R. scenario 3


Shaw cable

Ashton Deroy S.T.A.R. scenario 2 


Guns first

Ashton Deroy S.T.A.R. scenario 1


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Instagram shoutout from AshtonQBE to Montrose Inn in Belleville Ontario.