The fake news movement has to die. This is real news.

Rob Ford Smokes Crack.jpg

“For one thing, there was the photograph, now pretty infamous, Rob standing in an Etobicoke driveway with three young men who were supposedly connected to the drug trade.” Pg 103, Ford Nation. 

This is not fake news. This is real news & it was so stressful Doug Ford had to address it in his own book. What are the Fords doing in government? That is corruption at its very best. The response that it was fake without justification of the photo does prompt some questions even yet. Who really is the premiere of Ontario? Did we put a drug dealer at the top of the anti-drug party in Doug Ford? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

Why I am not a re-born Conservative after reading Ford Nation? 

I wanted to change my tune. I really did, but the book I find raises more questions than answers. It seems like Rob Ford going to rehab meant we were all supposed to turn around & feel bad for the guy. He smoked crack & aggressively attacked minorities.

What is defining the Doug Ford era of Ontario? 

I have been watching Doug Ford’s Instagram like a hawk waiting for the ammunition to take down the Conservative movement. I will let you guys know more as my mission to take down the conservative growth movement continues.