3 reasons Canada has to let go of Conservative ideology


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Canada needs to let go of Conservative idealogy

We are now at a time where we view higher minimum wages as an economic handicap. More workers rights is selfish & women’s rights is out of the question… No wait I am wrong. We are socially past this time & politically our politicians are behind the game. Don’t elect a Conservative stupid! You make $30,000 a year and you can’t keep up with the current economic demands. You have no reason to make the government less responsible for our economy. The retractions of Stephen Harper were not even that good for us. To put this in to perspective we elected Justin Trudeau because Stephen Harper slept on the 2008 recession. Don’t be an idealistic idiot. 

Here are 3 reasons Conservatism needs to die: 

Anti-feminist – The Party actively has politicians and voters speaking out against abortion to this day. Also the party is still divided on weather or not LGBTQ2 people’s rights fit in to Canada. Conservatives also are doing nothing to actively focus on making the workplace more accessible to young mothers. Why do young mothers need to work? 

Killing out Environment – We de-regulate environmental regulations for the pure benefit of free market. We are Canadians, are market will never stabilize. The least we can do is not totally destroy our natural environment in the benefit of private “American” corporations & interests! Also they remove the tax benefits given to people focusing on sustainable energy. 

Christian/Catholic Party – This is a party for religious traditionalists who do not want to open up Canada’s culture to new minorities. This campaign point on the Conservative party should be a cause for concern! 

A cause for concern only & nothing more! 

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“ISIS fighters are coming back to Canada”

This is a lie intended for Political gains from people who don’t actively research politics. >> It has recently been reported that the Trudeau government is working cooperatively with captured ISIS fighters who want to come back to Canada.

“These are people that went to fight for a terrorist organization – committing some of the worst atrocities imaginable.”

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The Conservatives have done a terrible job cleaning up the streets. The Policies they set in to motion were a cause of life ruining arrests, fascist culture & low social acceptance! 


If we don’t we will become a country of infighting & destroyed families. 

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Ashton Deroy Announces: I have decided to keep my political loyalties in the Liberal Party of Canada. After shopping around different ideologies the action plan keeping me under the Liberal ideology will be the strict regulation of marijuana & the moderate response they take for climate change. I was carefully debating working among an independent low scale party for this year, however not enough of my values could be met for economic expansion, Green Business practices &  feminism.

I was not granted a polite reaction to my political ideologies in the provincial election. So I will not be participating in “clean” political advocacy anymore! You anti-Liberals need to grow up! I am a Liberal, the more I go on I think that is not likely to change any time soon.