Email to Bay of Quinte after Career Edge meeting 2018-11/08

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Test their website for yourself. Look for errors! 

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From: Ashton Deroy

Subject: Website improvements & You need an interactive technology specialist. 

Email, revised for blog post. 

Instructions: Please forward to the best possible person. 

Hey guys, I was at Career Edge when a member of the marketing team did a presentation. He did a very good job and I am very on board. I just wanted you guys to know you have a number of problems with your website. 

Your issues for Bay of Quinte’s website are as followed 
Dead Links: 
  • Facebook icon 
  • Instagram icon
  • Instagram linked photos 
  • Facebook icon – Your Facebook is down or non-existent. You need to re-code the url or recreate the social media all together & then integrate it with the website. 
  • Instagram icon – Your Instagram page is completely down or non-existent.   You need to re-code the url or recreate the social media all together & then integrate it with the website. 
  • Instagram linked photos – You should consider only linking only the media file to the website. Then having the photo enlarge when the user clicks on them. 
Survey distribution
You should add the survey to your website coding it on a Google forum then distribute it using these mediums: 
  • Facebook boosted posts 
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Blog posts
Also consider finding a way to set up an in person email retrieval system to target tourism. You may want to consider a contest that can be done at common tourism areas. 
Improve the Blog: 
In tourism you cope with a number of communications barriers. The leading barrier of course being a language barrier. Consider eliminating the text post format of your blogs & or adding a audio to them to eliminate the need for reading. Next you yourself emphasized the importance of video content. Find a way to partner with attractions in the area to run a Bay of Quinte video series to help improve the town. 


I am now on board with Bay of Quinte. However work still needs to be done to improve much of the tourist experience & the marketing around it. 
Questions I have. 
  1. How are you planning for the marijuana tourism boom that is expected for 2019? 
  2. What will you do to get Quinte West on board with a suddenly diverse social atmosphere? 
  3. How can we focus more on sustainable tourism for 2019?
  4. How can we focus more on promoting Quinte West locally owned businesses in Tourism?  
Thank you for your time in this. 


Swan Whispers PR ad SEO firm Quinte West

Improve the Bay of Quinte performance by outsourcing your web marketing to a talented upcoming agency. The mistakes our town is making at this current scale are going to hinder the growth of tourism moving forward. I shiver at the fact that Bay of Quinte has put so little thought in to tourism hubs, their poor website interactivity & poor use of blog media.

The current design of the site is a waste of the web space & creates poor marketing Return on Investment. Make a meeting with our firm by contacting us at (647)-850-6802.

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