Autism Spectrum Disorder doesn’t mean staying at home and collecting welfare. To Quinte West: Get off your lazy a**es!

Ashton Deroy with certificate

As of November 9th 2018, Ashton Deroy has completed the Hospitality & Tourism training at Career Edge. Proving once & for all that a disability in Quinte West does not give someone an excuse to sit at home and collect government welfare/disability irresponsibly. 

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Ashton Deroy’s official statement 

“Workplace accommodation for a disability, needs to be the new normal for Ontario. We can not run Ontario & specifically Quinte West with everyone choosing not to work & collect social assistance. This is a weakness in our society, economy &  a miss-service to the community. The best thing we can do is to try & create a workforce with more realistic expectations, more give and take with employers to employees & less workplace churn.” 

I do not have a permanent disability…

Calling out lazy people

  • Autistic people work 
  • Elderly People work
  • People with severe handicaps work

Get off your A** & work!

Outlining key points

Realistic expectations 

We have to know the limitations of both employers & employees. Right now we have a 0 deals economy where employers in Quinte West seem to act like one size fits all. One size fits next to no one. When it comes to call centers? We need to kill the shift bid practice in manufacturing & call centers as it needs to be seen as a direct violation of an employee’s right to dictate their own work schedule. No one is available 6 days a week. That kind of high paced work environment and expectation in Quinte West from employers kills employment for good workers. 

We also need employees to go after the bad quality jobs. Why do we need this? We need bad quality jobs to become better jobs. The only way we can do that is with constant negotiation between brave employees & employers that listen. For example, I should have been outlining reasonable limits for my autism & working a long time ago. 

For disabled employees. They need to be accommodated, not pampered. There is no reason why someone like me (Ashton Deroy) needs to sit at home collecting welfare when I am more than able to work. I can work 5 days a week consecutive with next to no restrictions. Is that really so unreasonable? 

Ideas Give & take negotiations

No one’s entire life stops for a job. I met people at Career Edge with disabled children, women whose husband lives with chronic illnesses & struggling families who need more job security. We need employers to think,

“8 sick employee days is not realistic for the broken society they work in.”  People are sick, people are struggling & people are losing their homes with our current economic setup. Unless the gap can be bridged between employers & employees Quinte West will not sustain. Just look at the debt inflation, look at the role your own personal debt plays. 

Ideas for less workplace churn 

Without workers, there is not enough income tax. Without an income tax, we compromise our basic services & risk our social programs period! We need employers to commit to keeping people within their companies. We do not need call centers that throw people out for using free speech, having personal lives or wanting higher qualities of life. 

Call to action

Get off your lazy butts Quinte West, Ontario, Canada. Get down to Career Edge & start looking for a job. They will be able to help you with the rest. Just know this not working thing is not a sensible thing to do for a lot of us. Including me, (Ashton Deroy) I have autism and I want to work long term. 

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