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Hi Ashton, Dug here. Thanks for your feedback email and recommendations. Thanks also for your kind words on my presentation and about the BoQ Regional Marketing Board. And, thanks for catching the Facebook link issue on our site – we’ll fix that right away. (I didn’t find any issue with the Insta, but will keep an eye) To answer your questions:

1. Our Board of Directors has approved a motion allowing marketing/advertising of any legal cannabis operations within our partnership. To date, we aren’t aware of any that are operating legally. Once any exist, there are many opportunities for product development related to tourism.

2. Our role is to do marketing for tourism and resident attraction. In our marketing, we always try and keep in mind the growing diversity in this community and how to celebrate it. We currently working in a regional partnership to drive increased immigration to the region and also work with Pride Quinte (formerly Belleville Pride) to support their endeavours. We just met with them about a piece in our upcoming Discovery Guide.

3. Sustainable tourism starts at a business level. There are multiple sustainability-relate tourism organizations that we have shared over the years in order to try and increase sustainability within the sector. 2017 was the Year of Sustainable tourism and we built in a lot of messaging around sustainability throughout our communication plan and we will strive to continue to do more to encourage businesses to be more sustainable in their approach – it helps all of us in the end. Did you know that businesses marketing a sustainable model have actually been shown to have increased sales over those who don’t? We’ve helped a few businesses with this along the way…there’s even a marketing angle to sustainability.

4. We tell stories every day across all of our social media platforms and websites and with Quinte West being one of our major municipal partners, we try to include locally-owned tourism businesses from Quinte West every week in our marketing. In fact, I just picked up some Wannamaker’s for a piece we’re planning to do next week.

All the best.



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