About Swan Whispers Public Relations

Ashton Deroy at 10 Fitness Trenton Ontario.png

Contact: Ashton Deroy

Phone: 647-850-6802

Email: Ashtonderoy@gmail.com

Website: www.SwanWhispersPublicRelations.ca


White on Black


Autistic owned Digital Marketing club.


(Quinte West, Ontario, 12/8/2018.)

Swan Whispers Public Relations is a web design vendor that focuses on storytelling and advocacy in Quinte West Ontario. The small business, owned by two autistic co-owners, wants to re-design and expand its business to appeal to more clients. Their client roster includes LGBTQ and small entrepreneurs, who they have had much success with.

Ashton Deroy started the concept of Swan Whispers Public Relations out of his home earlier this year. By starting this web design business with Diana Skye, the pair was able to connect to a couple of clients, with the goal of reaching many more in the small business & start up sectors. The purpose is to create a voice for the community, their success in the LGBTQ and small entrepreneurs sector has been vital.

Creating stories for their clients is the main focus for Swan Whispers PR. Through their creative web designs and communicative strategies they are able to tell a clear and inspiring narrative.

To get in touch with this digital marketing team. Fill out the email forum below: 


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