Happy customers! :)


CarpenterDeroy: This sales rep (Tracy) approached me with the problem that she needed traffic for her eCommerce website to expand her Loose leaf tea business. After I pitched a blog integrated with the eCommerce website & Social Media to increase traffic she was sold and she quickly became one of the flagship accounts.  She purchased A proper .com, social media marketing and Video blog content.


Dignity Auto Repairs service.png

Dignity Repairs: They say you test your business with your first customer. Dignity Repairs was the first client under the Publishing name Digi-Connex. This was the first challenge for the business really. How do you get customers to a physical location? Not an eCommerce store, but a physical location. What was the solution to help this amazing garage? A Blog including a proper business .com domain, with Google Maps address embedded in the website and a G Suite Software to provide him with a professional email address Admin@DignityRepairs.com .


Seneca Pride2.png

Seneca Pride: This website was set up as a host for information sharing on Seneca Newnham campus LGBTQ+ Pride meetings, socials and game nights. Not a big package but it does show the diversity of people who have been serviced by Toronto-Businessphere. Part of the goal of the publisher Digi-Connex is to continue to support project impacting the LGBTQ+ community. This is how we make good on that promise.