How to Administer your new blog


Thank you for joining the Digi-Connex network of business professionals, writers, sales people and students. 

In this PDF are steps to administer your new WordPress blog through Ashton Deroy. Please follow this step by step when working with Digi-Connex pending LLC.

WordPress Registration.pdf

Quick blogging advice & Rules 

Depending on how much you paid/pay for your blog some of this advice could be vital to the success of your brand. Also depends on what the intention of your publication is. 

  1. Post 1 time a day minimum for 5 days a week- This works to continue to index your brand in search engines, promote to new followers and expand with in the WordPress network 
  2. Respond to comments right away – This can help to administer the tone and communications done through your channels. 
  3. Integrate your social media – You want to link your blog on popular channels such as Instagram, Facebook and any other related social channels to your industry. 
  4. DO NOT TRY TO MOVE GOODS ONLINE WITHOUT AN eCommerce page – This is an important rule of the business. You can move goods with a service page at a tangible location. However if you look to sell goods over the web it is our policy that you get a proper digital shop set up. 
  5. DO NOT STEAL CONTENT – You are not to copy paste content from other blogs. At any time if it is discovered you have done this Digi-Connex has the right to absolve the professional relationship. Don’t post memes you didn’t create.