To: Quinte West From: Ashton Deroy  Subject: We need to put these candidates to work & get explanations for shady behaviors.  In order for our great Canadian Democracy to work. We must balance rivaling claims from different segments of the population. When people don't make clear statements about the populace they represent we have to [...]

ashtonqbe #Metoo¬†, 23 hours of silence for¬†#sexualabuse. ūüėĘ I have no friends & no community.¬†#QuinteWest¬†just¬†#shame¬†&¬†#autism I was censored as hate speech on¬†#Facebook¬†on false hate speech grounds for using my Healers not dealers message & feminsm to call out the hypocrasy of a religious oppressor + drug dealer at¬†#Seneca. Your¬†#religious¬†freedom is not a valid¬†#abortion¬†argument, but it [...]

#QuinteWest, My favorite medical drama is House, He used to only pick the interesting cases. The freak puzzles no one else could figure out. Then he would surround himself with the best & brightest. These are my best & brightest colleagues, BlogProcess , Nicole Luberda , Diana Skye Ashley Lee-Anne Carpenter, Steph Barton & Matt Clarke. Some are family, some of them are friends that [...]