Today there are more cruelty-free options than ever. While it is great to have many choices, there are some crappy products among those. I will share some products I don’t like and a better alternative. Keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and different products can have different results depending on skin type, [...]

Diana Skye shares:  Tim Horton's scandals: Check me out elsewhere: Swan Whispers YouTube Channel: Vlog channel: Twitter: Instagram: You've probably noticed some changes to our website. If not... Wake up! We are on a premium WordPress plan now so cooler website. WordPress pitched us a 2 year deal & we said [...]

Links for contact below name. Contact information for my client at A Bong shop based out of Ontario. Network of freelancers in Quinte West & Toronto.  Ashton Deroy, Store Manager & Customer Service  Facebook Email:  Sms: 6478506802 Please contact about shop reasons only. Personal contact only allotted on a by permission basis.  Diana Skye, PR [...]

Ashton Deroy Writes: So the family business is also a client of Swan Whispers ASMR who has our PR writing service & content. We also got her contributions to the store playlist, because what is a bong store without music? Please check it out. It is a collaboration between multiple members collaborating to create the [...]

The 2018 Favorites publish is out and we love it! 🙂 Tea, music & makeup from the it ASMR girl!    Looks like someone blew her budget on the tea products. Checkout Diana Skye's David's Tea collection.  From New Zealand to Canada. Friendships show they truly have no boundaries in this amazing exchange between Swan [...]

Science is awesome, a sentiment Diana Skye and her community often agrees on. Diana talks about abandoning some of her makeup in relationship to the crazy artist behind it. These are some of the links featured from Diana's YouTube video posting:  Favorite songs: Alice Merton - No Roots Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty (Official Music [...]