#RedefiningGender, Toronto TTC Campaign.


Ashton Deroy Writes: This is one of my favorite campaigns going around Toronto on Transgender issues. There are also variations on this ad saying “Transgender women of color are apart of Toronto, Transphobia isn’t!” 

The article below talks about to end some of the issues the transgender community has with discrimination, police harassment and lower economic status, we have to run campaigns that educate people on this population segmentation. 

Celebrating Transgender lives.png

The purpose of this ad is to generate awareness for this population which hopefully creates acceptance. They measure the outcome by participation in the #RedefiningGender, social media page interactions, comments, page likes with the City of Toronto Municipal government. 

Click below to like the Facebook page for the City of Toronto Facebook page. 

city of Toronto - Municipal Government.png

Moving forward I would love to see the Seneca Pride group I work with take on more roles in promoting Transgender acceptance, rights, upcoming legislation and awareness for Transgender educational scholarships. 

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