Sweating through my Ronda Rousey shirt at Trenton Ontario YMCA.

Click the photo to link through to my Instagram to view the video. Today I had one goal when I went to the Trenton Ontario YMCA, I wanted to sweat through my T-Shirt. Which I did.  What did Ashton Deroy do today?  “I did a 1 hour boot-camp & ran 3.6 miles. Right now I…

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Ashton Deroy is the Quinte West Google Guide.

You might have to start being nice to cross dressing autistic. Ashton Deroy of Swan Whispers Public Relations has started doing the not so secret shopping in Quinte West. Proving that weirdos really do dominate the computer & tech industry. From YMCA Trenton Ontario.

This is Swan Whispers Public Relations.

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Dougie’s Diner Trenton Ontario & 3 thoughts on improving Quinte West.

“We need to reduce our provincial debt.” << Maybe we can cut the money from our road work. Current Quinte West asphalt has a high output, is bad for the environment & creates an injection of middle class wealth in a sector we no longer need!

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