Bay of Quinte’s Reply

Hi Ashton, Dug here. Thanks for your feedback email and recommendations. Thanks also for your kind words on my presentation and about the Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board.

And, thanks for catching the Facebook link issue on our site – we’ll fix that right away. (I didn’t find any issue with the Insta, but will keep an eye)

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Ashton’s Star Answers

At Career Edge in Trenton Ontario we talk about the Star technique. This is a technique to format various achievements in difficult work scenarios. If you landed on this website you are either A.) an employer. You could also be B.) Out to knock my ego down a few notches. To that pessimistic variable I reply, smarter people try.

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Get err done, set up Marijuana sales now in Belleville Ontario! Paul Bell practical, dull & a cardboard cut-out Conservative.

Ashton Deroy says, Marijuana prohibition has died & with it so has any reason for municipal regulation or slow-moving setup regulations. In other words “Get Errrr done!”  However, a Councillor Paul Bell has decided to speak up against rushing to sell marijuana in Belleville Ontario. Despite this being a proven economic multiplier & necessary for the safe consumption of marijuana by our community.”

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Rebelling With The Deroys

Diana Skye Writes   About five years ago, I spent two nights with Ashton and Kyle. We had many intriguing conversations about our interests and creative ideas. Kyle did a great job of doing my nails and cooking our meals. I helped Ashton figure out his style while shopping for clothes. Even after I went home, we were constantly in contact. They loved hearing about my Jewish culture while I learned a lot about small-town life. We also discussed LGBT rights, since that is something we are all passionate about.

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Trenton Ontario YMCA Demonstration. Stand up for Young Moms!

Ashton Deroy stands up for young moms in Quinte West Ontario Canada. A protest demonstrated to Trenton Ontario YMCA.

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Seneca pride a look at autistic oppression in heavy counselling environments.

Ashton Deroy explores LGBTQ2S oppression of autistic people in heavy counselling support groups. Ashton Deroy references Seneca pride on Newnham campus & Melissa Ronson + Stephanie Bagley.

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Talking about my Public Relations firm

#QuinteWest, My favorite medical drama is House, He used to only pick the interesting cases. The freak puzzles no one else could figure out. Then he would surround himself with the best & brightest. These are my best & brightest colleagues, BlogProcess , Nicole Luberda , Diana Skye Ashley Lee-Anne Carpenter, Steph Barton & Matt Clarke. Some are family, some of them are friends that…

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Family slide deck

Family & friends are included in this slide deck. Inclusion does not mean their beliefs or stance align with mine. Or do you need a lecture on the freedom to associate?  I will write this in full later. This is Ashton Deroy posting from Quinte West at 0535. I hope you enjoy the pictures that…

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Quinte West City Council is grand standing!

ashtonqbe In #QuinteWest the ignorance & grand standing of government knows no boundries. Found this at the Marina… “Hmm a lot of city councillor names there!” Need the names to make some calls?  Email Hear  the protest as it happens on Instagram, click the link below: 

Read More Review & Summary of Nik Swami’s 10 Instagram Marketing stratgies that make me 6 figures.

Below is Written by Ashton Deroy Intro: This is a summary of Nik Swami‘s 10 Instagram Marketing strategies that make me 6 figures Published on Below is Written by Diana Skye Instagram has quickly become one of the most successful social media platform. Even when parent company Facebook struggled during its recent scandals, Instagram…

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