How to modernize Canadian government? Re-defining left & right wing ideologies with vote & donation.

Ashton Deroy’s Political science essay. In Canada we are in a psychotic cycle that must be broken by the Millennial & Generation Z  population segments as they become voters. Canadian government despite being a constitutional democracy has a government with a weird timeline & a psychotic trend. In 2018 we need to start talking about a possible way to break a cycle as old as the 18th century. To allow Canada to form a newer style of government with newer values that don’t reflect classically outdated ideologies for a country that is ready to step ahead by 100 steps from where it is currently. 

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Ashton Deroy is the Quinte West Google Guide.

You might have to start being nice to cross dressing autistic. Ashton Deroy of Swan Whispers Public Relations has started doing the not so secret shopping in Quinte West. Proving that weirdos really do dominate the computer & tech industry. From YMCA Trenton Ontario.

This is Swan Whispers Public Relations.

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What does autism burnout mean to me?

Experience the face of autism. As Ashton Deroy talks about burnout & growing up with autism in Quinte West.

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