Women and Cannabis: Who Should You Smoke With?

Diana Skye Writes: 

      On October 17 2018, marijuana became legal across Canada. With increased accessibility, some people have considered trying it for the first time. During this happy time, we should not throw caution to the wind. While cannabis has many benefits, it is still a psychoactive substance. Nobody can predict exactly how they will react after their first joint. There are also many variations of cannabis, which can cause different reactions. This is why it is important to be safe, both when using and purchasing. Women should especially be cautious so they are not taken advantage of.

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Ashton Deroy is the Quinte West Google Guide.

You might have to start being nice to cross dressing autistic. Ashton Deroy of Swan Whispers Public Relations has started doing the not so secret shopping in Quinte West. Proving that weirdos really do dominate the computer & tech industry. From YMCA Trenton Ontario.

This is Swan Whispers Public Relations.

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Quinte West’s Ashton Deroy on ASK FM. Do you love yourself? if so why or why not?

Ashton Deroy shares personal life details on ASK FM. Click here to read more.

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What does autism burnout mean to me?

Experience the face of autism. As Ashton Deroy talks about burnout & growing up with autism in Quinte West.

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