New directions, Happy Cruel & outdated pilgrim day!

Ashton Deroy starts re-writing life as a happy autistic adult.

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Quinte West, Traditionalists are boring. Who is really curling?

AshtonQBE: There are two things you will never hear me talk about in Quinte West. 1. How great it is we have such a religious traditional community. 2. How much I love that all the activities around here are targeted to the elderly. Why does it have to be fun for young people to live…

Read More Review & Summary of Nik Swami’s 10 Instagram Marketing stratgies that make me 6 figures.

Below is Written by Ashton Deroy Intro: This is a summary of Nik Swami‘s 10 Instagram Marketing strategies that make me 6 figures Published on Below is Written by Diana Skye Instagram has quickly become one of the most successful social media platform. Even when parent company Facebook struggled during its recent scandals, Instagram…

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Market Research & Execution strategy for Digi-Connex

The below PDF and Google DOC file is an early execution of Ashton Deroy’s business Research & Marketing Report for Digi-Connex & Toronto-Businessphere.  Please feel free to check out the file, make edits and send academic or business critiques to, or to my messenger account.  Research Summary This document is a secondary research piece…

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Viktoriia Kovalchuk Vice president SSF

What are your plans for your position? I am going to bring SSF on a new level. There are many different areas that I want to cover. First of all, I want to improve food on campus. We have our MetroGrill food service. Of course, we need to work on lowering prices and bringing more traditional […]

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Marijuana, not the smoke-able hero we think it is.

  We underestimate the effects of smoking Marijuana.  Ashton Deroy writes:Is smoking marijuana really healthy for your? Or is it the same evil as cigarette smoking?  It goes without saying if you smoke anything it emits CO2 which is bad for your lungs. “You could have someone with grade 8 science explain this to you.” …

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Businessphere is on break + articles summary.

We actually just made this picture as something silly then we decided to post it to the blog. What are we talking about today? Well to start we wanted to announce for the month of February our goal is to let the blog go dormant well Ashton Deroy focuses on school + Personal life and Diana…

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