Bay of Quinte’s Reply

Hi Ashton, Dug here. Thanks for your feedback email and recommendations. Thanks also for your kind words on my presentation and about the Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board.

And, thanks for catching the Facebook link issue on our site – we’ll fix that right away. (I didn’t find any issue with the Insta, but will keep an eye)

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Ashton’s Star Answers

At Career Edge in Trenton Ontario we talk about the Star technique. This is a technique to format various achievements in difficult work scenarios. If you landed on this website you are either A.) an employer. You could also be B.) Out to knock my ego down a few notches. To that pessimistic variable I reply, smarter people try.

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11:00pm Toronto-Businessphere audio/text show. No Excuse for Islamophobia

Audio summary: No Excuse for Islamophobia.  CBC has a great article explaining Islamophobia, click their picture above to link to it.  What is Islamophobia? “Lets call a spade, a spade here” To use a tired cliche. Islamophobia is nothing more than a bunch of f***** white people afraid they are going to lose their Christmas […]

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