Rebelling With The Deroys

Diana Skye Writes   About five years ago, I spent two nights with Ashton and Kyle. We had many intriguing conversations about our interests and creative ideas. Kyle did a great job of doing my nails and cooking our meals. I helped Ashton figure out his style while shopping for clothes. Even after I went home, we were constantly in contact. They loved hearing about my Jewish culture while I learned a lot about small-town life. We also discussed LGBT rights, since that is something we are all passionate about.

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It is 2018; can we admit traditional Conservatism in Quinte West is getting weird?

Believe it or not I like some Conservatives. I can’t deny this, but despite that we need to notice how weird these people are making Canadian culture. What is the reason traditional Conservatism is making Canada seem weird? This value system makes religion more normal than being LGBTQ2S, they are still incredibly racist & they are jealous of the support we give to refugees.

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Dougie’s Diner Trenton Ontario & 3 thoughts on improving Quinte West.

“We need to reduce our provincial debt.” << Maybe we can cut the money from our road work. Current Quinte West asphalt has a high output, is bad for the environment & creates an injection of middle class wealth in a sector we no longer need!

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Below is Written by Ashton Deroy Intro: This is a summary of Nik Swami‘s 10 Instagram Marketing strategies that make me 6 figures Published on Below is Written by Diana Skye Instagram has quickly become one of the most successful social media platform. Even when parent company Facebook struggled during its recent scandals, Instagram…

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Perceptual map of the cosmetics industry.

Written by Diana Skye: This is a perceptual map of popular beauty brands. The further to the right a brand is, the higher the quality of their products. The higher up a brand is, the more expensive they are. Bottom Left: Wallet-friendly brands with low-quality products Elf: One of the least expensive makeup brands. While…

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