New directions, Happy Cruel & outdated pilgrim day!

Ashton Deroy starts re-writing life as a happy autistic adult.

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Quinte West: This is digital marketing tech I’d be excited to get clients in to.

Input & shared content curated by Ashton Deroy

Description: Check out this This neat Advertising technology. I was amazed to see this kind of tech in Quinte West. “I actually thought Quinte West was still relatively in the stone ages.” It is a shame Papa John’s Pizza isn’t on there. I do declare it is the best Pizza in Trenton Ontario at this time. I do not recommend 21 Pizza, it is kind of gross from what I last remember.

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Dougie’s Diner Trenton Ontario & 3 thoughts on improving Quinte West.

“We need to reduce our provincial debt.” << Maybe we can cut the money from our road work. Current Quinte West asphalt has a high output, is bad for the environment & creates an injection of middle class wealth in a sector we no longer need!

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