Quinte West: This is digital marketing tech I’d be excited to get clients in to.

Input & shared content curated by Ashton Deroy

Description: Check out this This neat Advertising technology. I was amazed to see this kind of tech in Quinte West. “I actually thought Quinte West was still relatively in the stone ages.” It is a shame Papa John’s Pizza isn’t on there. I do declare it is the best Pizza in Trenton Ontario at this time. I do not recommend 21 Pizza, it is kind of gross from what I last remember.

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Searching for clarity at Quinte West Public Library. What is wrong with our Library database & website?

AJ Deroy writes: There is nothing I despise more than a barely functional website. I mean I am out there, seeking employment or something to do. These lazy things are still up doing barely anything. So here is why I don’t like the Quinte West Public Library Website. 

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